Castletown WwTP, Co. Laois

This project was to upgrade the existing WwTP. The design PE for the Inlet Works was 1000PE and the process design PE for the FBDA upgrade in the SBR tank was 800PE.

Overall scope of works:

Design and Construction of new Inlet Works including the following:

  • Combined screw screen
  • Manual bypass screen
  • Grit removal
  • Flow measurement flume
  • Inlet sampling

Design and upgrade of existing Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) tank

Installation of new FBDA system including:

  • Removal of existing surface aeration, bridge and handrailing
  • Duty/standby air blowers
  • Stainless steel airline
  • DO probe
  • Level Sensor
  • Airflow meter and pressure transducer
  • Diffusers mounted on removeable stainless steel liftout grids

Upgrade of SBR tank also included:

  • Installation of decant system
  • Installation of effluent pumping station
  • Actuated penstocks to allow increased control over water levels in the tank
  • Outlet flow measurement magmeter
  • Sludge wasting pumps

Installation of Kiosk to house Control Panel

Manufacture and supply of new Form 4 Control Panel including

  • Programming
  • VSDs to control blowers, forward feed pumps and effluent pumps
  • Installation, commissioning and connection of sensor system to countrywide SCADA

Design and construction of new balance tank including:

  • Installation of new below ground precast concrete tank (36m3)
  • Installation of below ground forward feed pumping station. It is noted that under phase 2 contract, this pump station will also act as the storm water pump station and was designed to fulfil future requirements of the plant.
  • Installation of automatic tank cleaning system
  • Installation of storm overflow complete with static screen
  • Installation of storm overflow logging system
  • Pipework, valves, guiderails, pedestals davits etc

Design and construction of civil elements including:

  • Ducting and duct chambers
  • 100m long stone gabion retaining wall
  • Removal and disposal of approx. 70m length of trees
  • New fencing to full perimeter of site including access gates
  • Footpaths
  • Inlet works construction
  • Balance tank construction
  • Pump Station construction
  • All Civil, Mechanical and Electrical finishing works and reinstatement.
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