The Curragh Racecourse Wastewater Treatment Plant in County Kildare was tested and commissioned by Conway Engineering this month. The project, delivered as part of the €70M Curragh Racecourse Redevelopment was delivered by Conway Engineering under a Design Build and Operate Contract. Conway Engineering will now operate the plant for a period of 3 no. years.

The tertiary treatment plant features 2 no. Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) tanks, with downstream polishing of effluent before discharge to ground. The plant also features a storm holding buffer tank, inlet works and sludge holding facilities. The plant is buried underground to reduce visual impact and features in-situ concrete tanks. One of the main design challenges was designing the plant to cater for the day to day activities at the Curragh racecourse office development, with a daily design load of 500PE, but allowing sufficient capacity and flexibility to cater for large race meets where crowds of up to 7000 people attend each day.

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