Programmes of Work

IWSS/NCAP programme of work at Uisce Éireann sites

Inlet Works Storm Sludge Management (IWSS) and National Certificate of Authorisation (NCAP) programme is a large-scale complex project involving a multidisciplinary team across design, engineering and construction. The multi-site, multi-phase programme of works currently involves upgrades to 32 existing wastewater treatment plants (WwTP), with more expected to be added. The upgrade programme aims to improve compliance capacity, operational efficiencies, increase capacity and prolong the operational life of existing Uisce Éireann WwTP assets.

Access to Heights and Edge Protection Programme: Lot 2

Uisce Éireann appointed Conway Engineering to deliver and manage Lot 2 of the Access to Heights and Edge Protection (AHEP) programme for 151 water and wastewater treatment facilities in the East and Midlands of Ireland. The programme aims to address risks associated with access to heights and inadequate edge protection and to ensure all existing infrastructure complies with relevant standards, legislation and regulations.

Conway Engineering was appointed to manage and deliver this programme of works for an initial three-year period in 2017 and then reappointed in 2021 for a further five years. The AHEP designs are site-specific, risk-based and depend on a number of factors. We ensure all site surveys are completed, run workshops with the client and stakeholders, and manage the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke solutions for each of the sites. Our aim under this contract was to establish engineered solutions that deliver robust, reliable and certified works that meets Uisce Éireann’s objectives.

National Wastewater Phosphorus Removal Programme (2020-2024)

Conway Engineering is delivering the national Wastewater Phosphorus Removal Programme (2020-2024) on behalf of Uisce Éireann. This is a multi-phase delivery involving site assessment, detailed design and collaboration with relevant stakeholders in phase 1, followed by phase 2 construction and commissioning stage. 

The work involves assessing suitability of the existing licenced Uisce Éireann assets, identified for provision of first-time phosphorus removal via chemical precipitation to achieve compliance with the P-related ELVs (or objectives); design, supply and install a range of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and automation equipment in accordance with Uisce Éireann standards and specifications, and any other ancillary works necessary for the successful completion, commissioning and testing of the works.