Conway Engineering is delighted to be working with Roadbridge & Keating Construction on the design and construction of a new wastewater treatment plant (WwTP) to treat runoff from dredging operations as part of the €100M Alexandra Basin Redevelopment in Dublin Port. This redevelopment involves the construction of approximately 3km of quay walls and deepening of the harbour basin and channel to accommodate larger sea going vessels.

Roadbridge & Keating Construction have been commissioned by Dublin Port to undertake dredging and stabilisation of contaminated sediments from the Alexandra Basin for re-use as engineering fill. The legacy contamination within dredged sediments relates to historical ship building and maintenance activities. The presence of metals and organo-tin compounds (TBTs) within the dredged sediments are the main risk drivers governing the suitability for reuse and the discharge of runoff.  Conway Engineering has been commissioned to design a WwTP within a small available footprint to remove any contaminants from the runoff in accordance with the Industrial Emissions License as granted by the EPA. We look forward to working with all stakeholders on the delivery of this prestigious project.