Mountmellick Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

This project was to upgrade the existing WwTP to cater for PE 6,000PE, with the following overall scope of works.

  • Carry out Asset Surveys and Site Investigation at Mountmellick WwTP and Emmet Terrace Pump Station
  • Complete process, civil, mechanical and electrical design for entire project and submit to Employer’s rep for review.

Inlet Works

  • Demolition of existing inlet works
  • Construction of new inlet works including grit removal system comprising vortex grit separator and grit classifier/washer
  • Construction of storm water management system including Hydroslide
  • Programming and commissioning of Inlet Works, grit removal system and stormwater management system
  • Installation and commissioning of flow measurement and sampling at inlet works
  • Installation and commissioning of MEVA inlet screens and screen dewatering/washing unit

Commission existing package plant to facilitate FBDA upgrade and clarifier refurbishment,:

  • Removal of stahlar wheels
  • Design and installation of new FBDA system
  • Refurbishment of clarifiers
  • Removal of existing surface aerators and temporary aerators in oxidation ditch

Design and installation of new FBDA system in oxidation ditch including:

  • New HDG steel bridges that are CE Certified
  • 4 no. flowboosters complete with guiderails and lifting davits
  • 6 no. stainless steel removeable grids on which 92 no. 4m strip diffusers are mounted
  • Stainless steel airline complete with noise attenuation
  • Duty assist positive displacement air blowers
  • Dissolved oxygen probes to control FBDA system and monitor anoxic zone

Replacement of Clarifier Mechanical and Electrical equipment

which comprised new HDG CE Certified bridge with handrailing, slew bearing, slip ring, removeable scraper system to allow scraper blade maintenance without draining down, V notch weirs Scum baffle plate, Pumped scum removal system and Diffusion drum

  • Installation of new Duty and Standby Return Activated Sludge (RAS) Pumps
  • Control and automation of 2 no. RAS pumps with new VSDs
  • Installation of Flow monitoring and sampling on final effluent pipeline
  • Installation of variable speed drives (VSD’s) and HMI/ PLC at Emmet Terrace Pump Station with Control and Automation
  • All other ancillary civil, mechanical and electrical engineering works including Ducting, Plinths, above and below ground pipework, Footpaths and Concrete HGV loading/unloading area complete with associated drainage
  • Testing and commissioning of all instrumentation and equipment installed
  • Production of O&M, as-builts and Safety File Documentation

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