Ballyhaise Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

The scope

This project involved an upgrade to Ballyhaise wastewater treatment plant in County Cavan. Phase 1 of the project took place between March and September 2021, involving a detailed design stage including stakeholder workshops and HAZOP/ALM process. Phase 2 construction stage was from December 2021 to June 2022. 

The work

The project involved construction and commissioning of a forward feed pumping station, raised inlet works with screening, grit and FOG removal along with associated access platform, storm overflow chamber with flow regulator, storm tank with flow return pumping station, storm tank cleaning system and access platform. The project also included a washwater tank with booster pump system, and a Form 4 control panel housed in a new kiosk. 

Other ancillary mechanical/electrical works included pumps, instrumentation, flow meters, pipework. Ancillary civil works on the project included the access road, hardstanding, ducting, plinths, and pipework below ground. 

Conway Engineering assumed the roles of designer, contractor, PSCS and PSDP for this design and build with all the duties and responsibilities that entails. We designed each element of the upgrade – civil, structural, process, mechanical, electrical, and ICA telemetry. We produced detailed design submissions for the employer’s representative for review and we project managed design workshops and the HAZOP/ALM process with all stakeholders.

We also coordinated with Cavan County Council staff operatives to keep the plant operational and compliant during the upgrade works. 

The outcome

This project includes a significant element of NbS in the construction of sludge drying reed beds as the nature-based solution for sludge management at the site. This environment results in a natural habitat for reeds to grow, while also providing a very low opex for the client. 

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