Purcellsinch Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Background Information

The plant was originally constructed in the late 1970’s with a design P.E. of 107,650. The plant is located on the outskirts of Kilkenny City in an area of mixed residential, rural and industrial uses, and treats wastewater arising from Kilkenny and its environs. In more recent years, there have been difficulties in dealing with shock loads on the plant, highlighting a need for an upgrade to the system to increase the capacity and efficiency of the plant. The plant consisted of two aeration ditches which have both aerobic and anoxic areas to allow for both nitrification and denitrification to occur. Each aeration ditch has a capacity of 7,608m3.

Upgrade Works Carried Out By Conway Engineering Ltd.

Inlet Works Upgrade included the following items to increase the efficiency of the preliminary treatment:

  • Removal of existing inlet screens
  • Installation of two Rotoscreens, along with a PLC/HMI mounted on the control panel
  • Installation of one Spiral Conveyor, to efficiently move the organic material to the disposal point
  • Installation of one Screw Wash Press to wash the organic material down before disposal
  • Installation of one Counter Pressure Screw to dewater the organic material
  • All inlet works equipment installed was MEVA by Nordic Water

The FBDA Upgrade Works consisted of the following work

  • Installation of stainless steel removable grids for maintenance purposes
  • Strip diffusers to disperse the fine bubble in the aeration areas, mounted on the removable grids
  •  4 No. 45kW Hybrid blowers, 2 per tank working in an efficient duty/assist cycle
  • Instrumentation to intelligently control system
  • A new Form 4 electrical control panel with PLC/HMI
  • Access walkways and gantries to ensure safe access to works for maintenance

Clarifier Work

Conway Engineering demonstrated their 30 years of experience in stainless steel fabrication and fitting on the Purcellsinch WwTP clarifier tanks with precision like-for-like replacement of all mechanical equipment with stainless steel components. The work on the clarifier included a new stainless steel launder channel, bridge walkway with handrails, and a new motor gearbox and slipring bearing.

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